Monday, May 19, 2008


I am an Ambassador for FableVision, a software/media company. I have had the great fortune to represent FableVision at a few conferences and I am thrilled to use their products in my classroom. Last November, I was asked to be on the Beta-Test group for a new piece of software called, "Animation-Ish." Based on the concept put forth in the excellent book, "Ish" by Peter H. Reynolds, founder of the company.

At first, I will admit I was skeptical about my artistic abilities. Although Peter thinks that everyone can draw, I had decided that he didn't mean me. A few moments into playing with Animation-Ish, I realized that even a person who was not good at drawing, could be successful! Over Christmas break, I was honored by the invitation to add some lesson plans to the Educator Guide that will be available with the education edition. One of the lesson plans I created was "Create a Political Cartoon." When I found out that I would be attending NECC, I decided that I needed some student examples to demonstrate at the FableVision booth, so I asked the History teacher (Thanks, Brent) to have students do a political cartoon as an assignment. Check out the "Animation-Ish" video section for the results.

In case you are wondering what an ambassador is, it is an evangelist for FableVision products. It is not a paid position, just one that takes passion. If you check out FableVision products, you will catch the passion. I do have the ability to give a code for 10% off. If interested, email me.

The examples from high school students:

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Marilyn said...

This sounds great. I can't wait to check out the program.