Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fast Third Grade Projects with Animation-Ish

On the last day of music for the two third grade sections this year, I had them do a quick animation as a class. The parameters were that the animation had to be about music and they had to teach something. I think they are both cute. Since every student had a part, the notes are a little jumpy, but the concepts are solid. I hope you enjoy them.

A comment yesterday asked about the program, Animation-Ish, so I will discuss that more after the movies!

Animation-Ish is a brand new program from FableVision. It is geared toward K-12 students and has an education version. I was fortunate to be able to contribute some lessons for the educator's guide. There is a 7 day trial available at FableVision if you would like to try it out at home or school. While a Wacom type tablet is helpful, many of my students prefer to use a mouse instead, either way works!

I am ambassador for FableVision, but am not an employee. I can offer anyone who wishes to purchase a 10% discount. Use code AMBSHAY at checkout.

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Peggy Healy Stearns said...

I've been reading your blog for days, Terry, and I'm truly impressed with your imagination and creativity. That's one of the many reasons I asked you to speak with me at the National Educational Computing Conference. You use technology in so many unique, compelling, and meaning ways. Please keep sharing your ideas with the world!