Sunday, September 21, 2008

Follow Your Star

The journey has been a little tough for me and a few of my online friends....I came up with this animation to remind us all that we must keep following our star.

Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Peter H. Reynolds and his book, "The North Star!" So, I used my favorite program, Animation-Ish to create this animation. The boy is part of the program library and it was drawn by the amazing Peter H. Reynolds....the rest was me. I even tried to emulate the Reynolds' style of coloring in the boy.

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SherryC said...

Thanks, Terry! You always provide hope for all of us! I know it is helping me. Outside of having too much on my plate and being insanely busy, life seems to be getting better. I am hoping for improvements for you as well!

Take care, My Friend! Thanks for always being there and being so supportive!