Monday, September 1, 2008

Promethean Friday!!!

The first time I touched an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) was at NECC Atlanta, 2007. From that first moment, I knew I wanted one in my classroom. It was a shiny new Promethean board and I immediately could see the 'draw' of it for kids (A little Monday pun). I immediately imagined the kids manipulating music notes and staves on that beauty!

I got to know Kathleen, from Promethean, who was a great champion of learning in general and Promethean boards. The most amazing thing to me was the curricular possibilities that were included with the software. Kathleen took some time out of the crazy-busy NECC to show me the application for music....The dreaming began!

For 2008 San Antonio NECC, I prepared FlipCharts for my friends at FableVision and ended up actually presenting at the Promethean booth, which was a thrill. So much activity and energy...

Now, like a dream come true, I will have a board in my room on Friday!!!! I can't wait. I have my first lessons in mind for Friday afternoon. The kids will be up at that new board and will be learning in a completely new way. This will be a very exciting week for me. Wait until you see the awesome animations my kids will create with this giant board!!!

Today I am very grateful for the great people I have met from Promethean: Kathleen, Alex, and Scott...and the Promethean gang that I have been emailing but don't know in person: Joelle and Jake (from Haddock). Of course, I also need to thank the FableVision gang for introducing me to this technology and these people!


Ann N said...

I share your enthusiasm for Promethean activboards! I wrote a grant for the Cedar Rapids school district to get boards in all of our middle school math classrooms, but my long range dream is to get them for all classrooms.

TJ Shay said...


Thanks for stopping by! I love my new whiteboard and have used it a lot for different music related activities.

I will be presenting Animation-Ish using a Promethean board at ITEC on on Monday. Stop by if you are not presenting at the same time!


Ann N said...

I'm presenting at 4:00 on Monday...what time is your presentation?

TJ Shay said...


I am presenting at 8:30 a.m! What a crazy time. I think in Salon G. Hope you can come. I used Animation-Ish with the Promethean board today (had to bring a PC) and it is an AMAZING pairing. Hope to see you there if you are around that early.