Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Out!!!!

Based on a comment I left on Sylvia Martinez's GenYes blog, I was asked by to write an article for "Learning and Leading with Technology" magazine. The issue arrived in my mailbox yesterday! It is also available online.

The section is called, "Point/Counterpoint" and the article is called "Are Free Tools Worth the Price." Check it out (revised link).


Iowa State Fans said...

It says that "the page cannot be found when you click on the link"

TJ Shay said...

Iowa State Fans:

I fixed the link! Thanks for letting me know!


annelisewojo said...

I respectfully disagree with your commentary in the article. Curriculum doesn't need to be built around the free tools that may or may not come and go. These free tools offer an alternative, or an option to incorporate with already existing curriculum. Software phases in and out of use, just as these free tools might do. I'd rather pass through phases of use for free rather than paying for it.