Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Blog! A Great Teacher Quote

Saw this quote made me think a lot. For some reason, it reminded me of why I blog. I may never know the people who read this blog....But I hope at least one time, it makes you think or smile and, just maybe, it creates a tiny change in your view of the world of education....just a little bit.

"Many of us carry memories of an influential teacher who may scarcely know we existed, yet who said something at just the right time in our lives to snap a whole world into focus."
Laurent A Daloz


Kobus van Wyk said...

The mere fact that I read your blog every time I am informed on Plurk that there is a new posting, should tell you that your thoughts have a positive effect on at least one person (even though we live on opposite ends of the globe, and we have never met in person). Please keep on sharing your positive thoughts; they are uplifting and greatly appreciated.

diane said...


You chose a wonderful quote to illustrate your point!

Beautifully expressed, achingly true: we don't know if or how we affect someone but it does happen, both in the classroom and through blogs, social networking sites, all types of human interaction.

loonyhiker said...

I have you in my Google Reader so I don't miss any of your new posts! You have said many things that have made me think and this has helped me be a better teacher. Thank you for blogging and keep up the good work!

Jason Everett said...

How true, how true! Thanks Terry.