Sunday, October 19, 2008

All About Animation-Ish

Tomorrow, Monday, October 20, I will be presenting the amazing program Animation-Ish at the Iowa Technology and Education Connection Conference. I was very lucky to be on the Beta-testing team for this program last year. In addition, I wrote fifteen of the lessons that are included in the Activity Guide as part of the Educational Edition.

This blog post is going to attempt to answer some questions. Windows and Mac!
Wacom tablet or not? Actually, as it says in the system requirements, a drawing table is not required. Most of my students prefer to use a mouse. I LOVE to use the Promethean Board!!! You can draw on the board and it is "what you see is what you get." Currently, there is an issue with Macs and Promethean board, but they are working on it. It works great on the PC.

I use it in my classroom, if you go here, here, here, or here, you can see things my students have done with the program.

Wait....There is more! When you are done creating your amazing animation, it can be saved in a variety of formats, like Flash or QuickTime.

Here are some screenshots and notes so you can get an idea of what the program looks like. The program comes with AWESOME video tutorials by Peter H. Reynolds and the animators at FableVision.

Hey, do you think I am the only person who thinks the program is the best? Nope! Here are the awards the program has won so far.

Give it a try! Free 15 day download.
Make my day and send me your animation!!!

If we met at ITEC, please send a comment!


Gary said...

Great stuff you've got here, TJ. I hear that there will be some new Activboard software released soon. Maybe the Macs will get support then? I'm not a 'Mac guy' myself, but it would be great to see.

TJ Shay said...

Big news Gary, and others....

It looks like there will be an update to Animation-Ish that will resolve the Mac/Promethean issue!!!! I will blog when I know more!