Thursday, July 10, 2008

Animation-Ish Trial Version Quick Guide

I am not sure what directions come with the download of Animation-Ish. I created these screen shots with the hope of helping people who might be struggling to create an animation.


The first level is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a very simple three step animation. Make a doodle, click the next button, trace it, click next, trace it a third time and hit Play.

Level Two: Flipbook-Ish has controls that are similar to Wiggledoodle-Ish. In this level the user can create as many frames as they desire. Click on the green plus sign for a new blank frame or click on the duplicate button to create an exact copy. When I first started animation, I used the duplicate button a lot and then moved items in the frame a little.

Level Three: Advanced-Ish adds the possibility of a background layer. It operates much the same as the foreground layer. There is a mover tool in this level and there is an excellent tutorial on using that feature in the "Lessons" section of the website.

Hope this is helpful! I am hoping for some reader submissions to put on this blog!! Get animating!


Kevin said...

Screenshots are great.
I feel like a dunce, but can you give me the exact link to the tutorial about the Advanced on the website. I must be blind, or keep going past it, but I can't seem to locate it.

TJ Shay said...


I am afraid that the 'lessons' are only available after you purchase. But, just in case, when you launch Animation-Ish, there is a 'lessons' button on the main screen. If you can access them, it would be from there.

I may try screencasting later to get you going on that layer.

Lisa Thumann said...

I was so psyched to see that you blogged about Animation-ish. I just saw it for the first time at BLC08 the other night and I thought it looks great. Would love to see a screencast from you.

Thanks for sharing!


TJ Shay said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Animation-Ish is my new favorite program. There are screencasts that are available with the Educator Version. I am checking to see if it is ok to do a screencast of the coolest feature! I will post it as soon as I know.

If you haven't read back in the blog, I have blogged a LOT using Animation-Ish. I was one of the Beta-testers and I wrote some of the lesson plans. I love the "blank page" type of programs that allow kids to demonstrate their knowledge.

Check back, there will be much more animating in the future!