Saturday, July 19, 2008

Free Sky--Get Yours Today!

Almost looks like a beautiful sky....but it isn't. I created it on my computer using Photoshop. Blue background and a Free photoshop brush. The clouds brush is here, but you can find a lot by using a search engine and typing, "Free Photoshop brushes." You might need to also check out the directions for how to put them in your brush folder (apparently different for certain systems).

For the record, guess how big Mr. Technology Masters got this new information? From the phenomenal Mrs. Master's Ed. Psychology - wife! Who is also a yearbook adviser.

As always, if you try this, please send me the picture! You can be featured on my blog!!


Lee said...

That's lovely and simple. I really like it. Would you mind if I use it as my desktop background?

Lee said...

BTW, by "simple" I meant, simple graphically, not simple to create. :}
I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. Thanks.

TJ Shay said...


I would be pleased if you would use it as a background.