Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Starry Night

It seems that a lot of people are feeling the let down after NECC or the stress of a new job. I decided to create an animation with stars. I want to again direct my blog friends to "The North Star" a beautiful story by Peter H. Reynolds about following your star. You can read the story online or buy the beautifully illustrated book. The Journey part of my blog title references the book and the idea that we are all on a wonderful journey.

Some parts of the journey were easy... ...and some were very difficult."

"Ask yourself where it is you want to go and then follow the signs you already know..." from "The North Star" by Peter H. Reynolds.


Mrs. Morrow said...

I like it, TJ! I'll send you an animation-ish that my 7-yr old daughter created.

MaryAnn Sansonetti said...

Thank you for this.. it was a little inspiration we all need right now!

Meera said...

Very sweet!