Monday, July 14, 2008

It is all about the Network

I had a great Twitter conversation about blogging tonight on with:
I was questioning how a blogger knows if it is worth the time to keep blogging. For me, blogging is about creating a network of people who inspire each other and who are passionate about creativity and sharing the things that inspire us. After tonight, I am more grateful for my new network (which includes Linda @lbilak and the people in my non-digital life who inspire me....Like Ellen, Bill, Peggy, Peter, and, ultimately, my students.

I created this animation to honor my network. I apologize if I have left anyone off.

For me it IS about the Network and the Learning. The blog is called, "TJ On a Journey" and I am honored to have such great people on the journey with me.


sylvia martinez said...

Happy to be one of your wings!

Linda said...

It is the support we give to one another that gets us through the trials and successes of teaching every day. My thanks to you as well for being part of my network.
No one 'gets' teaching like other teachers. Rock on, music dude.

Jackie said...

I'm glad you've decided to continue on with the blogging adventure!

dstall said...

Great idea for a post! What I heard at NECC and what I have really been focusing on is networking. I think that is going to be the way of the future and the way of professional development. Pro Dev is VIRAL as many have said and I am really feeling like this is the way to go. I am so glad I can be a part of your network! Your questions last night on Twitter helped me as very much so. I have been thinking about how to get going with more on my blog! Thanks!

diane said...


Blogging is many things to many people. It can be intensely personal, cool & professional, or some mix of the two.

However satisfying it is for me to use my blog for creative expression, I also appreciate - crave!- interaction, communication, and validation.

It's difficult to go for long stretches with receiving feedback, but never doubt that your work is being read and appreciated.

diane said...

Oops - I meant "without receiving feedback"

Have a great evening.

Lee said...

Keep up the blogging and search to find your voice.


Cory Plough said...

@teachakidd turned me onto this post and I'm glad she did because I think about this a lot. I don't blog as prolifically as I want, and that's okay.

I decided awhile back that my blog was for me. If people read it and commented and networked around an idea that I presented, then fine.

But mostly its for me. I get better at writing when I blog. I get to self-analyze the ideas in my head (which often sound different when you write them out). I get to question my beliefs when I blog. I get to do research and analyze others ideas.

If people read it, they read it. If they don't, Im not worried. I'm not trying to increase my Technorati rating or get mentioned in the same vain as bloggers who have thousands of readers.

Just do it for yourself, and if its not worth it for you, than maybe there is a reason.

BTW, I like your animations!

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi there, I heard about this post from @teachakidd via Twitter. Just wanted to say that blogging is worth it. It may seem like hard work at times with little return but I think it is a wonderful learning and networking tool. Keep up the good work, Sarah

Jason Everett said...

I believe in the message I get through your blog. That's why I read it. I don't alway reply or participate but I appreciate what you share with me and the others who DO read your blog.

I like what Lee said about finding your voice and what Cory said about getting better at writing by writing. That's what we ask our students to do and I think you are modeling that very act.

Kudos to you! Keep up the good work mate. Your north star is in view. :)

Lee Ann Spillane: said...

Keep blogging! I know sometimes I wonder if it's worth it, but reflective teaching, journaling (and now blogging) is something that helps me process and figure things out. I may not get many comments (or any) but I continue. I keep a personal/family blog and a blog of my technology journey on Classroom 2.0. I enjoy the writing though I occasionally wonder if anyone is reading. I learn so much from other bloggers, you included! I can't wait to try the animation program and to drop back in and see what other things you can teach me. Thank you for sharing your voice!

TJ Shay said...

Sylvia -- Yep, you are a wing. I am so glad we have gotten to know each other. I value your opinion.

Linda-- You are amazing. I hope people went to your website today and were inspired! It inspired me.

Jackie-- Thank you for commenting. Blogging adventure for sure!

Deanna-- I was truly stuck for what to do next. I always want this blog to be about ideas and, hopefully, things people can use!

Diane-- You were one of my first Twitter-pals and I appreciate that so much. You stood behind me when things were so great....that shows the kind of person you are!

Lee-- Thanks. I think I have an idea of the voice I want to have, but I think I got a little hoarse (to follow the analogy). That's when you need the network to step in and lend a hand.

Cory-- I really started this blog to share some fun things I have done with kids that have worked. It has sort of morphed into a means of communication and, ultimately, about my own learning. Thanks for the encouragement. You are TOO kind about the animations! But I do enjoy doing it.

Sarah-- Thanks for the encouragement.

Jason-- My pal. Thanks so much for your kind words. As you know, sometimes the path on the journey toward your own North Star gets a little muddy. Thanks for helping me find the way.

Lee Ann-- Thank you so much. If you find the time to try animating, send me the results! I LOVE to see what others can create!

Andrea Hernandez said...

Well,there you have it. I guess the PLN has spoken and we insist that you continue blogging.
I think we all get hoarse at times, even those whose voice seems loudest. Questioning everything is, IMO, one of the things that makes you a good teacher.

TJ Shay said...


Thanks for your comment and affirmation. I remember a favorite college teacher always said, "Anything worth believing is worth questioning." I take those words to heart.

I will continue blogging and see where the journey takes me. I have a lot of great people cheering me along the path!