Monday, June 2, 2008

This is for the World! Podcasting

The first time I did a podcast with my students, I immediately saw the importance and value of doing it.

Setting: Music classroom
Scene: Third grade class

Mr. Shay: Today we are going to make a recording of that really great song you have been practicing.

Boy Student: Why would we do that?

Mr. Shay: We are going to be doing something new called Podcasting. I will record you and then put it on the Internet. In fact, any person in the world will be able to hear your singing and they can download it from the iTunes Music Store.

Various Students: What? What did he say?

((The recording))

Mr. Shay: OK, let's listen to this recording. ((listening)) Now, if we wanted to make this the best it can be, how would we do that?

Boy student: We would sit up straight and hold the book up and use our best singing voices.

Mr. Shay: OK, let's do that and record it again

Girl student: Hey people, this is for the WORLD, so let's do it the best we can!

The very idea of being on a World stage and singing for people outside of our classroom was enough to raise the level of performance. Kids know what good performance looks and sounds like...Sometimes they just need to ramp up their expectations of themselves.

I now have podcasts for every class I teach. Sometimes it has a song, sometimes and assignment, no matter what, the level gets higher when I start to record because they know the World could be listening.

A complete list of podcasts can be located at my school website.


Lisa Thumann said...

Thank you for post a link to your blog on Twitter. You had perfect timing as I am going into a middle school tomorrow to teach Language Arts teachers how to use podcasting with their students.

Your students realized what I'd like the teachers to have a handle on by the end of the day . If you share your content with a larger audience, you take ownership and pride.

Share more with us. What tools do you use? What's your process? How will you change things next year?


mindelei said...

I love that you're finding unique ways to motivate your students to do their best. That really is inspiring!