Thursday, June 19, 2008

DinoLand -- Story Telling with Power Point

Does PowerPoint have a use other than boring the pants off unwilling victims? Of course. Today I share an example from my wonderful wife's class. Students in her high school creative writing class create children's books. A few brave students created their books electronically using PowerPoint. I am so proud of my wife and her students, I wanted to share!


Kevin said...

I also use Powerpoint with sixth graders for creating digital picture books. You can view them at my class blog:

I also have software that converts PP to video, allowing us to create flash-style movies from PP.
Pretty neat.


Kevin said...

Here is a more direct link to the math picture books:


TJ Shay said...

Thanks for sharing your site. You have some talented studens!

What software do you use to make them flash videos? I used the 'Make a Movie' feature in PowerPoint.