Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Animation--Secret Life of Sports Equipment

For the Constructivist Consortium, I came up with an activity that asked people to write a story about their favorite piece of sporting equipment and then animate their story. The "walk-the-talk" part of me decided to try it myself. Here it is....The Secret Life of a Golf Ball!
Story created with Stationery Studio, a GREAT writing software from my Super-Software Designer, Dr. Peggy Healy Stearns. Free demo available online.

Animation created with my new FAVORITE software from FableVision, Animation-Ish. Free trial online if you want to try it!


diane said...

Intriguing! I'll try to access the site from school tomorrow and see what the filter Nazis will let me do.

Should I start writing my NECC sports essay now?

Meera said...

Glad to know you've already used toondoo. Hope to see more of your work there!