Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Keeping the Web 2.0 spirit alive... I present Kerpoof. A fun little online art program. Very easy to use. I think kids could put together a picture and then write a story -- Backwards digital storytelling? If someone tries this, please send stories and pictures!


Life's a comic strip said...
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meerasapra said...

Hi Terry,

Thanks for sharing this program. You might also want to check out www.toondoo.com an easy to use comic strip creator that kids (and adults!) have a lot of fun with! Do have a look at it!

murcha said...

Gee, I wish I had met you ages ago. I love some of the tools that you discuss. As I teach grades 4-10, and I really am a secondary teacher I am always looking for things for the primary school students to work with to encourage their writing and utilise their mutli literacies. However, do you find all these wonderful software tools? Anyway thanks for sharing and I know the my students will soon be experimenting with a lot of your suggestions. Just hope that embedding in their blogs wont be too difficult.

TJ Shay said...


You might want to check out Stationery Studio from FableVision. It is a $$ program, but is GREAT for getting kids to write. If you are going to NECC, stop by the FableVision booth and I will give you a tour. If not, there is a free download on their site and I can get you a discount!