Friday, June 13, 2008

Wordle--Please Add Your Favorite 2.0 Links

Today, I took a post from earlier in the blog and used an online cloud generator, called Wordle. I thought it was beautiful and decided to post it today. In case you missed it, the post was dedicated to my wife.

I am going to add a 2.0 component to the college class I teach. Please comment to this blog post and add your favorite Web 2.0 links. Include how you use it in your classroom! I will post the results.


dstall said...

Great idea! I use Twitter ( the most. I use it to keep up to date on what is going on in the ed tech world. I really don't have the time to read all the feeds on my Google Reader (with two middle school aged kids and one 4th grader at home, I don't have time for much of anything) so I just rely on my Twiends and their Tweets in Twitter!

Jason Everett said...

My favorite web 2.0 tool is an oldie but, I think, goodie that is the foundation for the future of the Internet. It's not fancy. It's not hard. It's blogging. And in the background, RSS is the engine that runs not only blogging but a host of other services that are changing the way we think about the Internet.

But, at its most basic level, blogging is a tool that allows anyone to easily share thoughts and ideas, have a conversation with other professionals with similar interests, or keep a record/journal of what you are doing. Really what it does is give people a voice. And anyone can participate: young or old, rich or poor, blue eyes or brown. It can be regular old text blogging or any other form to communicate to the world: picture blogs, audio blogs (Podcasting), video, etc.

So, in short, favorite Web 2.0 tool: Blogs

Marilyn said...

My favorite tools are Twitter,, and Diigo. I'm always learning from my networks on these sites. It's a great way to find out what's going on in other schools around the world.

Kevin said...

Thanks for the comment over at my blog. This is an interesting way to view the prominence of words in a text and re-arrange them.
I am thinking of taking a poem and using Wordle to reformat it.

murcha said...

I really like your wordle tool. Several weeks ago I wanted to create a word cloud and failed to find anything that would do it. So, I just made one up using powerpoint. My favourite three tools are blogging as it can be used for such powerful learning for both adults and students. A good eg of one of my grade 6 students is
I also have used to quickly get up ppt presentations or photo sharing onto our blogs.
And I love using for videoconferencing for my students with other global classes, keeping in touch with educationalists around the globe and within my country.

eplybon said...

Wordle looks cool! I am going to sound like a broken record, but Twitter is my favorite web 2.0 tool. It's like a one-stop shopping place - I can go there and find out just about anything I need to know in a very short period of time. Plus, the value of a professional network is immeasurable.

Nadine N said...

I love wordle! The 2.0 link that I've been using the longest is I also love wikispaces. It's so easy to create collaborative webpages. My most recent favorite is gooogle docs. My colleagues and I have been using google docs to post collaborative work and create "living documents" out of curriculum maps.

jamie said...

I've been playing around with Animoto for the past few days, and it is a wildly powerful tool! Wow! By uploading pictures and choosing music (either from their site or your own), you can have the site generate a video for you. It's ridiculously easy, and it's not blocked in my district yet!! Hooray! The end product is very professional looking too! I've posted a couple of the videos I've made here and here.

As far as the best tools, I'd have to say RSS and blogs are the most basic, but the most important. Although not new, RSS has changed the way I work, the way I research, the way I interact with the internet. I must agree with everything Jason Everett said earlier! Blogs and blogging have changed my professional growth, changed my learning community.