Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Incredible Resources in One Post!

I learned about Highlighter from Larry Ferlazzo's blog. According to Mr. Ferlazzo, Highlighter is "a nice little web application that lets you pick any webpage; highlight whatever words you want, and then email the page for posting on a blog or website." You can also place notes on a page and send them to someone.

I am demonstrating the Highlighter application on the webpage "The Wall" which is one of the most amazing websites I have seen lately. It features the Vietnam Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

It includes a searchable database of soldiers on the Wall. Selecting a soldier (this one was at random) you can learn the soldier's hometown and other information.

Important statistics about the site (from the site):
Facts about The Interactive Wall
  • At full size, The Wall image on Footnote is about 460 feet wide (400,000 pixels wide by 12,500 pixels tall).
  • We found 58,320 names inscribed on The Wall.
  • There are about 70 names which are duplicates or misspellings.
  • 8 names are women.
  • 2,056 are listed as "body not recovered."
  • Average age is 22.8 years old.
  • 6,301 images were photographed by Peter Krogh
  • Darren Higgins used six computers to stitch 1,494 images into a single 5 gigapixel image of The Wall.
I think both the application and the website have implications in the classroom. Try out Highlighter with your favorite website and comment back with the URL!

Coming tomorrow: The results of the Culture Sharing Comment-a-thon!!!


loonyhiker said...

Thanks for telling me about this tool. I liked seeing how it works and will try it sometime in the future.

Larry Ferlazzo said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog in your post!