Wednesday, June 11, 2008

PodCasting Particulars

In a comment to a previous post, a commenter suggested that I give more information about the tools I use for PodCasting. It was a great suggestion especially since the technology listserv I read has this question often

Since my school is Mac, I use PodCast Maker. It used to be by a company called Potion Factory, but now has a new company. I LOVE the drag and click ease for an instant PodCast.

Until recently, I always used the MAudio Microtrac portable recorder. Right before school got out, I purchased a Zoom H4 recorder. I wanted something that recorded in Mp3 to take one step out of the process (MAudio recorded in .wav and I had to convert everything to Mp3)

All of the PodCasts are hosted on my school server and available from the iTunes Music Store.

My goal for next year is to have students decide what songs/material gets Podcast. This past year, I also did a VodCast with my Canon digital camera. That was fun for kids.

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