Thursday, June 5, 2008

My First Animations

Feeling like the most fortunate man around, I was asked to Beta-test a new software program from FableVision called Animation-Ish. I had never done that before and was honored to be asked. Immediately, I opened the files and started playing. I was not given instructions, just the program. I had played around a little with Flash, so I had an idea what a few of the buttons did, but I was amazed how user friendly and easy the program was to use.

I have shown many examples from my students, but I have decided to show two of my first animations from back in November. The first was a tribute to my wife featuring two of her favorite things....purse and shoes! The second is a music note that starts racing.
video video
World famous illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds, believes everyone can be an artist....I hope he feels the same way after he sees my first attempts! :+) Just kidding, I know he would say that my drawings are good....I admire that about him--He sees the potential in everyone.

In December, I was asked to collaborate on the educator guide for the program by providing some lesson plans. I had a lot of opportunity to draw a lot and I got a lot more comfortable sharing.

I have decided to subscribe to Peter's way of thinking. Everyone is an artist or at the very least, artist-ish. Check out the program and you can join me in the artist-ish world!

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