Friday, June 13, 2008

Web 2.0

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(Graphic courtesy of Spell with Flickr)

If you checked out the comments from yesterday, you know that my theme was Web 2.0! I asked people on Twitter to comment with their favorite Web 2.0 Application. I will give a short recap before I turn you on to some of my favorites.

DStall commented on Twitter and how she uses it as a way to keep up with professional reading. I will be honest and say I thought Twitter was odd until I started following some people and learned about a lot of excellent resources (like the header above!) Thanks, D!

Jason Everett, my fellow FableVision Ambassador, commented on his experiences blogging. He mentioned the "conversations" that blogs bring, and that is a recurring theme in blogging. I certainly have enjoyed my few weeks and the great comments that people leave...Many that offer suggestions or encouragement. Like the post you are reading now, based on comments! Thanks, Jason.

Marilyn commented on Diigo, Twitter, and I have not had much experience with Diigo, but need to work more at figuring it out. is an amazing tool that I use all the time. With my college class, I told them my name (tjshay) and told them they could follow me forever and find the latest in cool websites. Thanks, Marilyn.

Murcha commented on blogging and shared a site of one of her grade 6 students. Murcha also shared Skype. I first heard about Skype from Peter H. Reynolds, but I didn't know anyone else who had it, so I never used it. Now, with my new Twitter friends, I will have plenty of people to talk to! Check out her blog here!

Elaine Plybon commented on Twitter! Please check out her website!

Nadine N also answered the call and wrote about and wikispaces. She loves the collaborative nature of the Wikispaces. She said, "My colleagues and I have been using google docs to post collaborative work and create "living documents" out of curriculum maps."

Jamie ...pointed out Animoto and said by uploading pictures and choosing music (either from their site or your own), you can have the site generate a video for you. The end product is very professional looking. She posted a couple of the videos I've made here and here.
If the links didn't transfer correctly, go to her website by clicking her name, there are examples there.
She also recommends RSS and blogs as the most important.She wrote, " RSS has changed the way I work, the way I research, the way I interact with the internet. I must agree with everything Jason Everett said earlier! Blogs and blogging have changed my professional growth, changed my learning community."

Second Update:
The great Diane Cordell from Journey's Blog, has sent in some suggestions: "Animoto is fun and educators can get a free account for longer videos (over 30 seconds)." She recommends the use of Flickr and Picnik and has upgraded to Pro (paid) accounts on both because of the features.

"When I feel the shopping urge, I sometimes head over to Zazzle and design custom items. So far I have 2 T-shirts and a tote with my blog logo, a button with my Twitter name, and -arriving soon- new business cards." Diane is also a great Twitter user and gets a lot of tools to try on Google Reader.
I thought I would share some fun ones I have found. You might need to know that I am a practical joker at heart and have used several of these sites for a non-educational reason. I can see using them in school also.
The Newspaper Generator Many templates to choose from!

Be Funky
Change pictures into cartoons!

More to come!!


murcha said...

Thanks for sharing these sites. I can see I will use them with my students and for me as well. They love their work to look good and this helps 'dress' them up.
What else do you have up your sleeve?

diane said...


I'm late to the party again!

Animoto is fun and educators can get a free account for longer videos (over 30 seconds).

You must know about Flickr. I also use Picnik. Have upgraded to Pro (paid) accounts on both because they're inexpensive and I like the features.

When I feel the shopping urge, I sometimes head over to Zazzle and design custom items. So far I have 2 T-shirts and a tote with my blog logo, a button with my Twitter name, and -arriving soon- new business cards.

Of course, you know how I love Twitter. That and Google Reader are where I find new tools to try.


eplybon said...

I actually thought of something else I've used and really like. VoiceThread is a great tool for educators, presenters, and students, which allows them to upload pictures or video and then post comments to them, either through text, voice, or video. VoiceThreads can be set to allow viewers to add comments, too. Things I Can Do is a VoiceThread I recently started during a workshop in Second Life.

Linda said...

I just wanted to let you know I was lurking here and checked out your suggested sites.
Obviously I also like imagechef for making quirky sometimes inappropriate signs to send to my online friends for their blogs.

murcha said...

Thank you so much for your tip on My students had a great time with this today and loved what they produced. See some at and

TJ Shay said...

Thanks for information on Voice Thread. It is very interesting, but I haven't done one of my own. I have watched a lot of them.

Thanks for sharing the links. I couldn't get them to work on my computer, but I am going to try them on the Windows side. I like that you share!!