Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Easy to Be Creative....It's Hard to Be Brave Enough to Share It!

The inspirational Peter H. Reynolds challenges everyone to "Make your mark and see where it takes you" through his amazing books, "The Dot" and "Ish." If you haven't read his books, stop reading this right now and go out and get those books. If you have read them and shared them with every one of your friends, continue.

I have listened to Peter speak many times and have been inspired beyond belief. I have never considered myself much of an artist, but I really enjoy doodling and playing with watercolors. One day during a meeting, I started doodling and realized it is a great way to reduce the stress that meetings cause. So, now I draw people in the group, creative letters, or just random art.

At one of the last meetings, I created the "C" man. Another of my friends, Linda Ragsdale, shows kids how to draw really cool things with simple letters and shapes. I used her idea as a start and created a character using only variations on the letter C. I then animated it with Animation-Ish

One of the things that Peter talks about is to not disparage your own talent in from of your students. The braver you are, the more brave they will be. So, with that thought, I share  "C Man".

What will you share with your students? How brave can you be? I challenge you to create a character and post it online.