Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I Believe

I believe every kid in school wants to have limits. I believe every kid is capable of greatness. I believe every kid is the result of what they have experienced, which is why they don't act the same way we do -- different experiences. I believe that every kid, at the core of it all, wants to be loved...just like us. I believe in trying to find a student's 'true colors'. I believe teachers should look at the kid, not just his/her behavior.

I know I am currently failing with some students...and it's difficult for me.

I believe that the current demoralizing push to 'reform' education is actually going to drive the teachers who believe in kids to find a different line of work. We didn't sign up to attend more meetings and have our heart-felt work judged by test scores. We got in this career to change lives. Yes, there is room for improvement...nothing I have seen on the 'reform' front will get us closer to greatness.

What do YOU believe in?