Sunday, September 21, 2014

North Tama Makes a Mark on the World

Last Wednesday, September 17, my school celebrated International Dot Day with a huge K-12 celebration. Here are some highlights:

Each student K-12 was given two dots. One was for them to decorate and one was for them to have someone who has made a positive mark on his/her life decorate. This was amazing and the dots were beautiful. We laid them out in the middle of the gym floor. Here's the collective dot display:
Here's a time-lapse video of placing the dots:

The K-12 celebration kicked off with a welcome from Superintendent, Mr. Robert Cue

I was surprised by a special gift for me which was presented by Principal, Paul Rea and Secretary, Suzanne Earley. A very special original piece of artwork from Peter H. Reynolds which Becky Conners helped coordinate with the school:

We followed that surprise gift with a viewing of "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.

Elementary counselor, Teresa O'Meara, took the podium and introduced our first "Make Your Mark Award" recipient, Ellen Young. Ellen is a tireless supporter of our community and worthy recipient of this award. 

I was honored to present Ellen with a signed copy of "The Dot."

We then watched a short presentation that highlighted the ways North Tama has celebrated International Dot Day since it started at our school in 2009. We were blessed to have a very special video in the middle of our presentation from famous author, Deborah Underwood.

We concluded the event by inviting all 500 students to circle around our collective dot.

It was an awesome Dot Day. I'm honored to work in a school that supports and encourages creativity.

Students had the option of creating electronic dots, you can view them here

Other Dot Art from around the school: