Sunday, January 18, 2015

For Linda

In 2009, I met Linda Ragsdale and I was immediately changed by her strength and her kindness. In one of the early emails, she said this, "There is good in everything....sometimes you have to look harder." Once you hear her story, you will never forget it. You will want to draw dragons and you will want, more than you ever have before, for peace. 

Linda is now facing another daunting challenge....and she is determined to turn lemons into something sweeter. If you are into prayer, send one up. If you think positive thoughts, send some in her direction. If you love to draw, make a dragon and have it eat some lemons. You can hear her story below.  Linda- I'm sending you so much love and even more peace. I love you, brave warrior for peace.

I made this lemon for you....with love.