Sunday, August 17, 2014

International Dot Day - Links to Share

International Dot Day started in a few classrooms in 2009 and has grown into a celebration celebrated around the world. I am constantly sharing links on Twitter and Facebook to encourage more classes to participate and decided to place links here as well.

Official Page and Signup: is where to send people first. There is a yearly signup and lots of resources and ideas to make your day (week, month, school year) successful. Please encourage people to check out the site and sign up!!

The amazing Celebridot Site:  The site was inspired by Sharon Creech who sent me a dot on Dot Day 2011. I was so inspired by her graciousness that I decided to start asking other celebrities to make their mark. So many awesome dots are now on the site by the best people out there. If you know an author/illustrator/actor/sports personality, please invite them to participate. The determining factor on 'celebrity' status is if kids would recognize his/her name or work.

I have curated a group of Dot Day celebrations through Pinterest: I also encourage you to search Pinterest for International Dot Day as I may have missed some, I did yesterday and my heart exploded. Beautiful stuff there! I also have a newer board for Dot Day Ideas here:

Matthew Winner and Shannon M. Miller have created a great Google Doc for help connecting with other schools on Dot Day. You can find the 2014 document here:

This year people have wondered if 7-12 students can participate in Dot Day! I am very proud to share this site from my school: Every kid in grades 7-12 (and the awesome teachers) created a dot on his/her tablet and we took a large picture in the gym and also created a Flickr online gallery of all the dots.

I also would encourage you to use and search the #DotDay hashtag on Twitter! The very best and most creative educators on the planet will be found there!

 North Tama Elementary Dot, 2013

North Tama Secondary Dot, 2013