Wednesday, November 16, 2011

EDUBlog Nominations 2011

  • Best individual blog-
    • Mr. Bogush is a wonder to me. He seemingly exposes the inside of his brain, down into the deepest regions, for all of us to learn from or have a cathartic experience with. 
  • Best individual tweeter - @dmcordell
    • I call her 'the great one' because she is friendly and supportive of every person she comes in contact with and she works hard to support teachers, even in her retirement. I always count on her to answer every question I pose on Twitter. She is the best friend to have online. She has introduced me to amazing people!
  • Best group blog -
    • Shannon Miller and John Schumacher are two of the most positive and energetic people on earth. This blog makes me smile because they have great ideas and they are willing to share with the world.
  • Best new blog-
    • Again, positive, wonderful, energetic, and informative. Passionate educators are awesome
  • Best ed tech / resource sharing blog -
    • Most of the new websites I have found are from this blog. I ALWAYS recommend it to new people just getting into blogosphere.
  • Best twitter hashtag #youmatter
    • @angelamaiers has started using the phrase "You Matter" and it is such a wonderful thing. Teachers are beat up in the media on a daily basis, this simple phrase is SO important and so true. What we are doing does matter... What is awesome is that Angela FEELS this way also, it's not just a hashtag.
  • Best teacher blog-
    • Again, Paul's blog ALWAYS makes me think and more importantly, feel something. Highly recommend.
  • Best librarian / library blog -
    • If every school librarian shared books the way Mr. Schu does, we would have amazing learners in every classroom. He is passionate and shares that with his own students and with the world. 
  • Best School Administrator blog
    • A blend of insight and humor...but don't tell him I said that, it would spoil our relationship.
  • Best free web tool- Twitter
    • I leave it at times, but keep coming back because the conversations and the resources are second to none.
  • Lifetime achievement - Lee Kolbert 
    • Funny, smart, and oh so knowledgeable. Lee is an amazing resource and she willingly shares it in a sweet and fun way. Lee was one of the first people I met from Twitter and I am so impressed by what she has accomplished. 

Of course I also loved #DotDay, but since I was involved, I didn't select it. But I LOVED watching all the creativity flow in from around the globe!