Sunday, July 2, 2017

International Dot Day Links to Share 2017


International Dot Day started in a few classrooms in 2009 and has grown into a worldwide celebration. It's a celebration of creativity that can start small, like butcher paper and markers or whole-school dot making in a variety of ways. The big idea is taking time out to be celebrate creativity.

I am constantly sharing links on Twitter and Facebook to encourage more classes to participate, adults are welcome to find me at the above social media sites. 

Countries in Orange have participants (Map as of July 2)

Discovery Education in the Home of Dot Day

Last year, Peter H. Reynolds visited the school where Dot Day began and Discovery Education was there to capture it all! You can see an archive video here. 


I also write a column for KidLitTV to keep creativity going all year! Find links to the articles here.

Official Page

The official page and sign up are available at There is a yearly signup. Please consider signing up and sharing the day with friends and colleagues.

Dot Day posters (Free) including in different languages.


The Celebridot site ( was inspired by Sharon Creech who sent me a dot on Dot Day 2011. I was so inspired by seeing what one of my favorite authors made for a dot, I asked others and this gallery is available to inspire kids to be creative. If you know an author/illustrator/actor/sports personality who is not on the list, please invite them to participate. Directions for submitting are on the site. 


I have curated many Dot Day celebrations through Pinterest. You can find that board here. 

Follow the Twitter hashtag #DotDay for the latest ideas and also be sure to tag your sharing!!

Connecting with other Dotters

Shannon M. Miller, Matthew Winner, and Andy Plemmons have created a great Google Doc for help connecting with other schools on Dot Day. You can find the 2017 document here. Be sure to connect to Shannon, Matthew, and Andy because they are awesome!

Andy Plemmons @plemmonsa
Matthew Winner @matthewwinner
Shannon McClintock Miller @shannonmmiller

Dot Day Products