Thursday, January 9, 2014

Guidelines and Helpful Tips for Posting Online

My very wise Intro To Computers class of HS Juniors made this list of guidelines and tips for posting online. I'm so proud of this list and the students who came up with it! This grew out of the assignment I blogged earlier

Guidelines and Helpful Tips
Fall 2013 North Tama Intro To Computers

1. Be careful because anyone can see your tweets

2. Retweets reflect on you as much as tweets

3. Swear words make you look immature and reflect badly on you even if you don't usually swear

4. If you wouldn't say it out loud don't say it online

5. What you tweet now affects your future and you don’t even realize it

6. Be the bigger person

7. Don’t tweet when you're mad

8. Don't say anything you'll regret

9. Before you tweet something think about what your grandma or grandpa would say if they saw it

10. Be careful who follows you. Block people who are not particularly "nice"

11. Never agree to meet with someone in person that you don’t know

12. Don’t make yourself sound unsafe or dangerous

13. If you’re going to state your opinion, make sure you are able to justify what you say

14. Respect opinions that differ from yours

15. Do not bash others

16. Be positive. Use social media for good, positive things and events in your life.

17. No rude, offensive or inappropriate pictures

18. Please don't use it as your diary

19. Everyone can see what you favorite, use it wisely

20. Show the world the good in you

Monday, January 6, 2014

My Favorite Features in Stationery Studio

 I've been tweeting and Facebooking a lot lately about my love for Stationery Studio. I wanted to share some of my favorite features of the program

Full disclosure: I lead an educator program for FableVision Learning. I do not make any money from sales. I am writing this post because I love this software and think it should have more exposure. My school has a site license. I also love Peggy Healy Stearns who designed the program, that did not change my review of the program, I actually loved it before I met anyone at FableVision.