Monday, October 6, 2014

Characteristics of a Good Teacher - 2014 Junior High

I asked JH Chorus kids to write down what the characteristics of a good teacher are:

I think a good teacher would be when you ask a question, she explains to you again when it does not make sense. She helps you work, but doesn't give you the answer.

I think a good teacher helps their student learn first, and then is a fun person

Fun, smart, gives you a little homework, funny, let's you play some games, teaches in fun ways, helps you, can do gymnastics, brings food/candy, tells funny stories, makes you laugh

A great teacher teaches us a lot of things, but doesn't make it boring. A funny teacher is a great teacher. A teacher that doesn't assign a lot of homework.

Humorous- funny at times Inspiring- good example. Sharing life experiences.

We learn lots of stuff but in fun ways. Cracks jokes in the middle of class. Doesn't give a lot of homework. Understands us. Doesn't make class boring.

I think a good teacher is someone who is fun and who teaches cool things to people and who gives candy to people who get stuff right.

I think a good teacher is a fun teacher and also a teacher who helps you learn things.

I think a good teacher should - actually give detentions instead of just threatening -take control -have fun - is serious - teacher instead of handing out fliers -talks to class -explains assignments -and jokes around

A teacher is nice and assigns little homework

Someone who doesn't favor anyone in class. Someone who can joke with us. Someone who is laid back but still stern.

To be hilarious and to not give us homework, but give us candy

I think a good teacher is someone who teaches and explains everything thoroughly and makes sure we all understand. They also are awesome if the can joke around with us.

Funny. Not a lot of homework. Teachers in a fun way. Plays games sometimes. Helps you. Has fun stories. Brings food/candy

I think a good teacher who is stern enough to yell at people, but will give them a warning first. I think a teacher who rewards good behavior and punishes bad behavior will be liked by students.

I think a good teacher is someone who knows how to tell you something so that you understand it well. If a teacher is really funny it helps, but they have to also be getting the point across.

I think that a good teacher is one who doesn't let the students talk when it's time to learn but makes learning fun and having experiments. A person to tell jokes to and have fun, but can be serious.

A good teacher is a teacher that is happy and wants to help you and that is forgiving when you make a mistake.

A good teacher makes sure everyone is listening. They help students when they need it. They want us to learn.

Lets you talk but keeps it under control. Laughs at out jokes. Teachers in fun ways. Learning games. Not a lot of homework.

To be funny and cool and if a girl, good looking.

They let us do fun stuff. They like to joke around with us. Don't give us homework every night. Let's us do fun activities. Teaches interesting things.

A teacher I would listen to has to like football, gives candy and good info.

A teacher who is serious about work. Not strict and has a good sense of humor.

Let's you play fun games. Sit by whoever you want. Gives you candy. Fun to hang out with. Likes football.

A good teacher is one that is fun and teaches us.

I like teachers that are funny. Mr. *** is funny and he is one of the best teachers ever.

A teacher I learn from and that is fun. That lets us talk sometimes.

Friendly and makes things fun.

A good teacher is a teacher that plays games and no homework.

A good teacher is one that isn't mean and tells you good info that's not fake and they're fun.

Is fun to hang out with. You can learn from. Gives a lot of candy. Likes football. Music

Nice. Doesn't give detentions. Gives little homework. Good at explaining things. Plays games with the class once one a while. Gives you in class work time for homework.

Lets you be on your phone during class. Is fun. Gives candy. Gives little homework.

A good teacher is like Mr. *** Helps you and is fun, funny, scary (sometimes) but really awesome.