Monday, December 1, 2008

Wordle Meme

Beth Knittle tagged me in a Wordle meme. She was tagged by Jen Wagner and Martha Thornburgh. The Meme was started by Lee Kolbert The mission, which I chose to accept, was to create a Wordle using your blog and/or your account... I chose to do both.

The first one, from this blog....
I think this does a pretty amazing job of highlighting who I am. KIDS ---the biggest word and my mission. Everything I do and everything I am in education has kids as the focus. Even the FableVision, North Star, and Peter Reynolds markers are all about kids!

Next, the tags...
Yep, here it is again. EDUCATION is largest. technology, music, fun, Web 2.0, blogs all make an appearance. Education is the key!

Thanks, Beth. It was great to get the affirmation that kids and education are the center of what I write about.

I tag:

'The Great One" Diane Cordell

"My Cyber Angel" Sylvia Martinez

"Super Friend" Andrea Hernandez

"Best Ambassador Pal," Julie Everett


Beth Knittle said...

It was fun for me too and confirmed that what I think I write about I really write about. The meme was a neat idea. A minor correction Jen Wagner and Martha tagged me, Lee started the whole darn thing.

Lee Kolbert said...

Love how "kids" just shouts out from your Wordle! Awesome! Thanks for participating in my meme. It's really been fascinating to track it's journey. ~Lee