Monday, July 20, 2009

O Ponto/The Dot ".. porque a imaginação não tem limites !"

A very strange thing happened the other night. I had some free time and I was surfing YouTube. I was hoping to find some cool FableVision things to put on the FableVision Learning Blog. I stumbled across this video from Portugal. I didn't even know the language that the YouTube description was written in, but the magic in the video transcends the language barrier.

The source of the video was this blog The kids in the video making the dots with paint, hands, bodies was a heartwarming lift. All inspired by the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. I HAD to know what this was about...So, I went to BabelFish and translated the page from Portuguese to English. I learned that the school had won a contest sponsored by the book publisher. The scene in the end, with the hands sticking through the dots was the winning photo.

I was moved so much by this video. I emailed everyone at FableVision that I could think of. I marveled at the creativity and the passion. "The Dot" was my first favorite Peter H. Reynolds. Watching this video unfold was magical.

My favorite quote from the blog......

".. porque a imaginação não tem limites !"
"Because the imagination does not have limits."

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Durff said...

That's so cool = I wish I was a student in that school!!