Sunday, September 20, 2009

Doreen Cronin Likes My Status

During the last college class for future teachers, I asked how many people were Facebook members. One person near the front made a face...a judgmental face. I asked, "Is there something wrong with Facebook." The face-maker nodded with pursed lips. I explained to the students assembled, that I have some author friends on Facebook. From now on, I intend on saying, "Doreen Cronin likes my status." Yes, THAT Doreen Cronin. Author of amazing cihldren's books like "Diary of a Worm" (which, by the way, makes me laugh EVERY time), "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type", and many others.

You probably already know that I am extremely fortunate to call Peter H. Reynolds a friend (and I work part-time for FableVision Learning -- greatest children's software and media company on earth). But, I also get to be 'friends' with literary luminaries like Sharon Creech (Love that Dog -- AWESOME book), Ellen Hopkins (Crank, Burned, etc), Jeff Kinney (Wimpy Kid), Laurie Halse Anderson (Speak  -- the book that started me reading YA in the first place), Linda Fairstein (Alexandra Cooper series), Deborah Wiles (author of my wife's favorite book, "Aurora County All-Stars) and I am positive I am missing some.

So, what does it mean to be 'friends' with all these amazing people?? I don't have them over for dinner, nor do I call them when I am having a bad day....But I do get an amazing look at the life of an author and get a glimpse of the writing process. I have actually responded to a few things, but mostly, I read what they write and feel great about having this inside look at the world of writers.

Life is good, is good.

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