Thursday, January 5, 2012

After "The Dot"

On September 15, my school and other schools around the World celebrated International Dot Day. Dot Day is a fantastic way to start a creativity movement in your school. You can read more about Dot Day here and here. More than 17000 students and 1000 adults participated in Dot Day this year.

As I was reading through the tweets and Facebook messages, I was struck by two great quotes: @MrSchuReads "Quote of the day: 'Every day should be #dotday.' -2nd grader" and @karacornejo "One dot can launch the journey."

One dot can launch a journey and every day should be dot why isn't it? Both quotes and the whole idea of dot day got me thinking of ways I could add more creativity to my classroom (it has been a creative place....but why not add more?). So, in high school chorus we have done a few artsy type projects. 

We were singing a song called "The Heavenly Road" so, one option for an activity was to draw HIS/HER Heavenly Road. . . What would it look like, what would be on it?

They could also capture a scene from other songs....

like "Winter Song"

It was exciting to see the words of the songs creativity captured in art. It was even more exciting to have the students deeply involved in the words to the song!

Dot Day is a great start to a journey!

How are you going to ramp up creativity in your classroom??

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