Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Qualities of a Good Teacher

My post yesterday made me think of the question, "What are the qualities of a good teacher?" So, since a big chunk of my high school chorus students were on a trip today, I asked the remaining students to write down what they thought were the qualities they thought were important. Here is the list:

"They should be very explanitive and help when a student wants help."
"Someone does hands on learning"
"One that pushes us to do our best, but doesn't lose their temper when we mess up."
"They have to be patient and can have fun sometimes but serious at other times"
"One that informs but still keeps the subject interesting. One that doesn't attempt to embarrass students."
"They have to have humor."
"A teacher who cares about he/she is teaching and will take the time to explain things when we don't get something."
"Teaching with enthusiasm. Mix fun with subjects. Making sure everyone is paying attention."
"Strict but fun. Knows that they are talking about and know how to teach."
"Stern when necessary. Fun. Creative."
"I think a good teacher needs to be easy going yet stern. They need to command respect to get results."
"Relate to kids. Has to have fun to be a good teacher."
"Treats everyone equal. Has fun at appropriate times. Can keep class under control."
"They have to actually teach you and not just give you the information and let your learn by yourself. It helps to play learning games to help you learn."
"Let students have fun and learn. Teachers need to be funny."
"A good teacher is that they are fun, but know their limits."
"Explains stuff clearly. Works one on one. "
"Caring. Funny."
"Doesn't take everything seriously."
"The qualities that I feel are good for a teacher are that they are strict yet care and someimtes, they also listen."
"Respectful towards students, reviews for tests, lets students understand what they just learned and extra credit."
"To be strict and don't tolerate messing around. Teaching different ways to fulfill everyone's learning styles."
"Somewhat patient. Follow through on discipline. Provides extra credit."
"Is stern and punishes when needed. Looks at positive side of problems. Trusts students."
"A good teacher makes a difficult class easy for me to understand."
"Is fun to listen to. Makes sense. Listens to students. Cane make things get done."
"Doesn't pick favorites. Good humor. Imagination for assignments. Answers questions simply."
"Don't let the kids take advantage. Be helpful. "
"Fun but strict"
"Keeps control of the class. Listens to student concerns."
A good teacher is someone who knows a lot and is willing to help you with anything. Also, who likes to have fun sometimes."
"Good sense of humor. Easy going."
"Fair, knows what's best for their students' education. Smart."
"Likes having fun. Only yell when needed."
"Knows how to have fun."
"Teaches us through games and activities."
"Loves the subject they teach."

I wonder if you noticed a pattern??? It was interesting to me how many students said, "Strict".... They truly want structure. Many also said, FUN!

What is on your list? If you had to go back to school tomorrow, what would you want your teacher to be like. . . . Are you that teacher?


Anonymous said...

Yes, a good balance of strict and fun - an ideal platform for learning.

I would add "the art of listening" as a further quality that is needed. I posted an item on that very topic a few days ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm a primary teacher.To know if you good or not..you can ask the student about yourself..whether it's good or bad. Because they have a sincere heart..i think the quality teacher is you can go inside their life..so you know how good are you.