Sunday, September 28, 2008

Characteristics of a GREAT Colleague

I sent out a plea to my Plurk and Twitter friends asking for characteristics they like in a colleague. Here is their list:

Willingness to collaborate
Same love for kids
Respectful attitude
Sense of humor

someone who puts his/her all into growing and learning for self and kids. And *always* leaves non-school drama in the car.
good listener
trustworthiness. Like what dmcordell said :-)

dmcordell Openness to new experiences, eager learner.
Mike Sansone
mikesansone Characteristics of a Co-Worker (Teachers): cooperative w/o being a yes man.
Carey Gilcher
TheGilch supportive, understanding

cooperation, always learning, flexible, good hygiene (!)

sharing attitude...and always has chocolate available

Attributes: risk-taker, open-minded, student-advocate, no drama/no politics, willing to try new things,

#1-Reflective...if they don't reflect on their practice they will never improve, never grow, never change.
accepting of all

loonyhikersays honest

My amazing friend and fellow FableVision Ambassador, Julie, said:
you can trust
you rely upon
inspires your outside and inner spirits
thinks like you occasionally, but differently on most occasions
loves growing right along with you
encourages you, even when creative wheels aren't spinning
believes in who you are, and what you are made of
loves finding ways to inspire you to become better--as a professional AND as a person
excites you after conversations or meetings you've shared
learns from you and becomes better
supports your decisions, but gives you new things to consider
takes risks with you
celebrates with you when things go well, and has a shoulder to lean on when they don't
cares about your personal and professional development
is friendly
is constantly moving forward in thought, word, and creative spirit, and wants you right along side


That is a great list and my list would have many of the same characteristics. One of the things about school that I find increasingly troubling is that some of my colleagues seem to have no desire to be better than they are right now (or better than the day they stepped into the classroom). I am not sure how it happens, but it seems to be more prevalent lately.

It seems that most people got into teaching because they want to shape the future and they are on fire to teach. They exude passion and nothing can stop them....Or is that only in my dream world? I think it is probably obvious from my blog, but I LOVE the kids. They inspire me. They are the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning.

Although my 'dream job' is to be a technology director with emphasis in technology integration, I will have to find a place that I can still have interaction with students. Seeing the light click on in a kids eyes when they 'get it' is a sacred trust. We, as educators, must do everything we can to make it happen.

The bottom line for me is that sometimes I get discouraged at school. I send out links, I offer to show people new instructional methods, I talk with great passion about things that have worked for me. The times that I have offered to show something new, I might get three people to come. So, what I need to do is just keep pitching and not be discouraged by striking out.

I always begin my education night class by asking about the college students' worst teacher. Then I challenge them to be NOTHING like them. It is easy to get complacent. It's easy to fall into routines and do the same old things day after day.... But our students deserve better. We may be the best thing in a kid's day. WE deserve better colleagues. We deserve to be challenged and inspired.

What characteristics are you looking for??? What are you willing to do to facilitate it happening?

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loonyhiker said...

Great post! I hope I try to be the person that I want others to be. I feel if we are honest with each other and communicate, we can conquer the world! :) I love seeing what other people list as great characteristics. I think I need to see if I fit them.

loonyhiker said...

I referred to this post in my own blog post today. Thanks for inspiring me and making me think!