Thursday, November 6, 2008

Come Along on a Journey...

I was so inspired by a blog post by Karl Fisch, that I want to do the same sort of thing. It was called, "Playing for Change" and it featured singers from around the world.

In the next few days, I want to start working on this. I am hoping for people from all around the world to do it!! Here is what I would like to do....

1- Each school creates a short video showing their town/area

2- Each school/class learns the song, "Journey" from The North Star Musical by Tim Beckman and Peter H. Reynolds. Schools will be provided the music and an .mp3 track to sing along with.

3- I will combine the songs from all schools and the video clips into one incredible compilation!

4- The final video will be shared!

Your kids will love the song (My kids did). The musical is amazing and you might just want to do the whole thing. But, for now, you only need to commit to the one song and recording.

Email me for the song!

1 comment:

Paul Bogush said...

Hi Terry,
Are you looking for folks in the US? We would be more than happy to join you.
Let me know,
Paul Bogush