Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Beautiful Thought For Today

Found this on a print today in Galena, Ill. Things have been sort of crazy lately and my wife and I needed to get away.... The time away was was this print.

"people ask, "why do you work so hard for your students?" there are so many things i could say but the answer must be - because of one child. i swim through seas of papers with colored pens as paddles - seeking to improve without dispiriting, to point a better way without losing their enthusiasm. because of one child i seek my own reserves and provide opportunities which would otherwise be lost. because of one child i will spend my time generously - as if i had a lifetime of such days. i will see the whole of the world from a small hill and will believe against convention in "impossible" results. at the end of the teaching day i leave the classroom but i am still and shall ever be, a teacher. time ago i was that child for whom such commitment made a difference. i will dedicate my days confident my efforts matter... because of one child."
Mary Anne Radmacher

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Anonymous said...

Lovcly imagery ... I can just imagine swimming through a sea of papers with red pens as paddles ...

Thanks for sharing - the quote cheers one up.

Michael Summers said...

Absolutely beautiful. I found you on plurk because of your inquiry about a 1-to-1 classroom. I have a white paper I'd be happy o share with you on 1-to-1. Anyway, regarding the quote, I was thinking about sending out a plurk.....why do you teach? I'm curious. It takes no small amount of reserve to teach these days. You're under (or un) appreciated, unpaid and often bear the brunt of criticisms directed at the state of education. But this quote really got to the heart of the matter. Oh....if you're interested, I have a blog as well.