Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Notes with Big Meaning

Do you have an idea how much little notes might mean to someone??

My wife and I frequently leave little notes for each other. When we were first married, I would put notes in her lunch every day (she no longer has time for lunch). It was fun. She would put notes in my school bag (which, because of the messiness of the bag, I might not find for a while).

I have grown very attached to getting and sending little notes to people who are important to me. A little thought and a few words can lead to a BIG feeling!

From one former student, I received a text message this week that said, "Just talking about you to one of my friends and made me think of you. I miss you." Wow...Two years into college and thinking about and taking the time to share a note with a former teacher.  Made me get misty. Last week was one of the roughest ones in a long time. This single note helped me to stay on track. 

Sometimes I get a few words from pal, Peter H. Reynolds... A little message pops up like, "you rock."  I can't tell you how much they lift my day!  One of the busiest people I know takes time to send a message. . . Total day improvement!  

One former student texts 'life updates' like, "We are adopting a dog." Nice that in those joyous moments, I came to mind for a few seconds. I also get to share in that happiness...even from a distance.

I am a very lucky man! I have a lot of very special cheerleaders for my journey! I have been fortunate to have built some relationships in my school with amazing students that last after graduation. I have had the privilege of making friends all over the world and knowing truly decent and warm people. 

I also like to send or text silly and/or loving notes. I try to return the favor and send my love out. Who doesn't like to know that someone is thinking of them? At first, I will admit, it felt a little odd to send "I miss you" notes. . . But not for long. The benefits far outweigh the moments of feeling odd.

I have said it many times, but I resisted Facebook at first. Now, the 'little notes' appear more often and I love the feeling of being connected!

So, as you can see, a little note which can take seconds to write can brighten the day and strengthen the spirit. Let's face it...sometimes the journey is rough.... Sometimes, it's really rough.  So, let's all support each other....if you have time to send a great big email to a friend, let them fly.  If you have time for a little three word note...go for it! The thought of you taking the time and sending the love will transcend the space. The length of the note doesn't matter....the amount of love in it is what counts.

Addendum: I might add that another little note this week was a comment to my blog....which was very touching.... (thanks, Paul).


Dawn Haley Morton said...

Also leaving notes on Linked Live during an inaugural awards event makes people feel great! Terry is Da Bomb!

This Mom's Photo Story said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are making me think.....

Anonymous said...
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