Friday, October 3, 2008

"The Stellar Cafe" and the Stellar Illustrator!

If you haven't visited the great Peter H. Reynolds at his Stellar Cafe Blog, you need to! Today he shares that the Telefable for "Rose's Garden" will premiere tonight in Boston at the Gala for the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Every blog post from Peter is an inspiration! If you have ever seen him at a conference, you will understand that just being around him inspires you to be more creative and to "Be Brave"

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diane said...


I left a comment on Peter's posting - his art always makes my day a bit brighter!

Peter H. Reynolds said...

Blushing here in Boston! Thanks for the warm words! I am takinga quick break from presenting here on the new Greenway park... as many folks know, this was the site of a very busy and ugly expressway through Boston... it has now transformed into a sensational park brimming with flowers, trees, people... it took vision and patience - but here it is. May it be a reminder to us that good things take time.