Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet Maribeth from UCando

If you read the comments on my last blog post, you noticed one from Maribeth Bush, a great person who has a great website. I got to know Maribeth through my friends at FableVision and if you haven't been to her website and blog, you need to check it out. is a website that encourages people who have challenges to have a 'Can Do" attitude. According to the website, "The overall mission of the Can Do! is to help people, especially kids, develop a more positive attitude and perspective about themselves and the people in the world around them." There are great activities and posters from Peter H. Reynolds on the site for download. There are profiles of other famous 'can do' people. There is also the Can Do lunchbox with ideas for educators to use in the classroom.

Maribeth is an amazing advocate for children and is an elementary guidance counselor. Seeing the need in her school for a book on friendship triangle, she created a book available online or in print form.

Please check out Maribeth's site and blog. We all need to get behind those people who inspire us and inspire kids!


Maribeth Bush said...

Thanks so much, Terry! I really appreciate your VERY kind words - and the enoromous "shout out"! Your recommendation/review means a lot! (And to think, you had no idea that yesterday was my birthday - the stars must have been alighned just right yesterday! : ) )

loonyhiker said...

Thanks for sharing this! I love the message and the website. It goes right along with my requirement that students have to write "I am a Born Winner" on every paper they turn in for a grade. If they don't write this, I don't accept the paper.

Maribeth Bush said...

loonyhiker, I LOVE that idea!