Thursday, October 9, 2008

Obstructed View

Wow, sometimes the journey is tough...and then something makes you look in a different direction. Today was absolute rock bottom in my regular job. Not going into it here, but it was not a good day. If you know me well, even from just reading this, you know I am all about kids. The situation today, as it almost always is, was about adults and not kids.

The big lesson for me today came at the end of the day. My best friend at school was helping me deal with "THE" situation. Wow, couldn't ask for a better friend. Then, the phone rang...It was the state sports office asking my students to sing the National Anthem for the state volleyball tournament.

Just when the star is the farthest away, something happens that turns you in a different direction and the star is as close as it ever has been...It was me that got turned around.

You might have to go read The North Star if that doesn't make sense. The art above is from Peter H. Reynolds.


diane said...


During my most challenging days - and sometimes those high school boys can give me a run for my money! - I would hands down absolutely ALWAYS rather deal with students than administrators.

The kids at least give you a fair hearing, whether or not they agree with what you're saying. Sometimes they even back off and apologize.

Not so with the Others.

I'm glad that you were able to turn your gaze towards the star and navigate a true course.

TJ Shay said...

Thanks, Diane. The thing with me is that I LOVE the kids and never have a real problem with them. They show me respect and I have an excellent program for a school our size.

The "others" never seem to get it. I can be very strict with rules and still be respected and by some, even loved. I am not treated with respect by the 'others.' I don't want special treatment, just fair.

jepcke said...


Truly sorry to hear about your bad day. While I don't know about your specific situation, often others act they way they do out of fear, jealously, feeling threatened or just a misunderstanding of the situation. While I'm sure you didn't do anything to arose those emotions, others may have manifested them themselves.

I know you are kind, giving man. As you said and show in all your do, you are about the kids. What a gift you are to them. May their sweet voices lift you up.

I frequently remind myself when things are challenging, you can't choose your family, neighbors, or co-workers, but you can choose your friends. How lucky you have a good friend to help you through tough times.