Saturday, August 23, 2008


I have now survived two days with kids and four days before that at school. It was so good to see the kids again. I am grateful to some wonderful people in my life who have helped me get my journey back on track. This post is a thank you to everyone who has said nice words, direct messaged about my blog, sent a text message, sent an email, Skype chatted, sent me a video link, or sent sweet Plurks. You have helped me more than you know.

Picture from "The North Star" Mini-Posters, by Peter H. Reynolds


SherryC said...

Your posters are the best. Just know what goes around, comes around. You have been pretty darn supportive of us, too!

Kelly Christopherson said...

Of course you make a difference. Just for you, the Taylor Mali clip!

Anyone who is as passionate as you are about what you do and the students can come work in my school any day!

TJ Shay said...

Thanks for the comment, Sherry. You know you were high up on the list!

Kelly, Thank you so much for your comment and the video clip. I am honored by your invitation!

Kobus van Wyk said...

Not often does one show public appreciation in the way you did. I do not know much about the difficult time you went through, but sense that you had excellent support, and that you absorbed all the encouragement and help given to you. It is good to know that when a helping hand is stretched out, there are people who will grab it.