Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How High Could We Fly?

If you have been reading lately, you know it has been a reflective time.... Today I was looking at this picture. I took it out the airplane window on the way to San Antonio for NECC. My favorite thing about flying is the view from the window when the plane is above the clouds.

My thoughts about the clouds turned in to the following thought, "what would it take for schools to fly high?" Rising above the turbulence and storms where life is easy going and all kids would be ready to learn and excited. I always say (with a disgusted tone) if everyone would just do their job, school life would be better. If the principal acted like a principal, the teachers taught, the students wanted to be students, and the parents acted like parents, life would be so easy.

Today I wonder just what it would be like in my utopian school? When I started thinking about it, I decided that some of the greatest moments in my career came in the discordant and crazy times. The strongest relationships I have had with kids resulted from the strong tough-love approach I have with them. Some of my best teaching moments came out of complete and absolute failure with the plan for the day. Sometimes I am proud of the job I do merely because I have overcome so much of what is around me.

For sure we could get a lot accomplished if everyone did their job as I have not so graciously asked. There would be clear flying and we could make meteoric strides toward the sky.

But, the human factor, with all its turbulent bumps, is what keeps it exciting. The storms are where we build our strong relationships---way more than the take offs and the landings. There is no final destination on the school trip...Just a layover until there is more learning. It is truly all about the journey.

We will do what we can to make our teaching better and our students more studious. We will get up every day and try all over again to get closer to our dream school. What a view!

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