Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How You Know When You are TOO Connected

Today is a special day. I might like to forget about it, but my 'friends' have reminded me...
No, no, not the friends at school. No, not my real life, virtual friends, or family...
The companies who have my personal information. It's not that I don't appreciate it, but wow, I am overwhelmed.

The list so far:
Sonic Drive-In (I admit it is my favorite guilty little pleasure -- hey, we don't drink, is it so wrong to love the Limeade?)

Buca di Beppo (Phenomenal restuarant in Minneapolis & I think other places)

Palomino (also an amazing Minneapolis eatery- which we learned about from the concierge at Neiman Marcus on Valentine's Day a few years ago -- maybe a future blog post) ---

Hard to believe we live three hours from Minneapolis and are so heavily courted.

Pepsi (Am I starting to notice a food/drink pattern)

Dairy Queen (yep, there is a pattern)

Vista Print... GREAT! Finally one that doesn't involve food.... Oh, wait, I get those every day.

BlissWorld .. OK, now THIS is something I don't get every day! Darn it, it was based on foot and hand lotion I bought MY WIFE.... She has her own day.

Origins -- Again, stuff for my wife!

Sunglass Hut! Finally, something that is ALL MINE!!!! It's not food! Unfortunately, how many pairs of $100+ pairs of sunglasses does a guy need? I am for sure over my limit.

Borders Rewards

I think there were others..... but, what a list!

Of course my family will do the REAL acknowledgment on the actual day... But, let this be a cautionary tale....

Always have one email account that you give ALL the marketers and stores when they demand one... Then give the rest of the world the real email account!
You don't want to sift through stuff like the Pepsi song.....

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Sometimes this is the web we weave for ourselves ...